Community Kids

Community Kids invites all kids Birth-5th grade to come learn about God in a way that is fun, relevant and engaging. Each of our kids' church environments are specifically designed to meet kids where they are at and to set them up for success on their spiritual journey. Through fun and interactive games, activities and bible stories, kids learn that God loves them no matter what and that He wants to be their friend forever! 
Community Kids PreK is for kids birth-5 years old. Each of our Preschool environments are specifically designed with our littlest church goers in mind. Our goal is that there will never be a day that our preschoolers didn't know "God Made them", "God Loves them",  and "Jesus wants to be their friend FOREVER!"
Community Kids K-5th grade is designed to be FUN! We know kids K-5th grade learn best through fun and interactive activities and bible stories that engage their interests. We strive to meet each child where they are at in their walk with Christ and help them to take their NEXT step in a relationship with God. Whatever that next step is for THEM. Whether this is their first time at church or 100th, we want each child to experience being a part of God's family and to know they can trust God no matter what!

Sunday Mornings


Our kids church begins at 9:45am (during our Community Group hour) on Sunday mornings! 

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